Owner: Steve King

Operations Manager: Eurick Abron

“Steve enjoys giving customers the best possible treatment, even when difficult situations develop.”

As a 14 year old kid Steve King used to ride his bike down the street to the local service station where he hung out and helped as allowed. He loved and still loves to fix things. After high school he went to TSTI (Texas State Technical College) for a two year automotive program. He then served in the Navy for 6 years, got out, and started his first garage in the Carrollton area. His current location is the second since opening his business in 1981. The 10-bay shop is serviced by Steve, Eurick, and several other mechanics representing many years of solid auto repair experience.

Eurick Abron, operations manager, joined Steve in 1987. Eurick is an experienced mechanic who also specializes in dealing with extended warranty insurance company issues, excels with the after market industry and is great with customer service issues.

“Many customers tell us all about their unpleasant experiences before they came to us. We give each customer our excellent service and attention. Surprisingly, we hear very few complaints as we go the extra mile to advise our customers on all their vehicle needs and repairs as well as suggestions for future car problems and purchases. We care about our customers.”

Remember that this shop enjoys the challenge of fixing stuff – they will welcome your car and its problems.

Best Mechanic in Dallas 1980



BEST: Steve King, Willow Creek Exxon, 9701 N. Central Expressway. When you find an auto mechanic no one will criticize, you’ve found one rare auto mechanic. Steve King got nothing but high marks in our research; he was cited as both knowledgeable and honest. He works on all American cars, as well as Datsuns and Toyotas. There are specialists around with more specific skills, but for a general mechanic for overall maintenance, you won’t find better.